Breakfast and Lunch Prices

K-6 Breakfast $1.00
7-12 Breakfast $1.25
K-6 Lunch $2.40
7-12 Lunch $2.60
Adult Lunch $3.20
Regular Milk $.50

Fee Waiver

To save you time and effort, the information you gave on your Free and Reduced-Price School Meals Application may be shared with other programs for which your children may qualify. You may be eligible for a waiver of any fees associated with participation in a course of study. (The waiver shall not apply for fees charged for participation in co-curricular or extra-curricular activities.) For the following, we must have your permission to share your information. Sending in this form will not change whether your children get free meals.

Cafeteria Information

Hardin Northern uses a point of sale system (POS) that is use in the school cafeteria. Each student is assigned a PIN Number which they will use each day to pay for their lunch. Parents and students are encouraged to prepay for meals by depositing money in a student’s SPS EZpay account online. Students will also be able to bring money to the cafeteria in the morning before school or to the lunch line.