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Guidance Office


The Mission of the Hardin Northern guidance office is to: encourage high academic performance; assist students in developing career goals; provide information on college preparation and enrollment; track student progress toward graduation; and assist students and parents in overcoming personal, school, and social problems.


To enroll a new student in grades 7-12, please call Mr. Wilson and set up an appointment or to enroll a new student in grades K-6 call Mrs. Thiel. Phone number is 419-759-2331. For information on open enrollment view our open enrollment page.

You will need:

  • Original copies of the students birth certificate,

  • Social security card,

  • Shot records,

  • Custody papers

  • Proof of residence in our district or open enrollment forms.

Scholarship List

Click here for list updated 11-1-23

Click here for Polar Bear Legacy Scholarship Application

Click here for Robert P. Wildman Scholarship Application

Click here for Hardin Northern Community Scholarship Application

Click here for Norma Bibler Scholarship

Interested in donating to the Hardin Northern Scholarship Foundation?  Click here for more information

Hall of Distinction

To Nominate an alumni for the Hardin Northern Hall of Distinction, click this link, fill out the form, and submit it (all done electronically).

Parent Information Nights

College info night for Parents on November 14, 2023  7 pm.-  
CCP Parent Information Night on TBD at 7:00 pm

Click here for the HN registration form and CCP description
Click here for HN’s summary of CCP courses 



Questions or to request a transcript (if requesting transcript, please include maiden name, year graduated, and address you want transcript sent to)

NOTE: Final Transcripts for the class of 2023 were sent out on June 1 to the colleges students requested on the senior questionnaire.  



NOTE: Summer Transcript Requests should go to Teressa Combs at extension 1207 or email at

guidance links




Financial aid

Financial Aid

Financial Aid season is here and I wanted to list some resources for you. First of all, I  will review this information with the seniors mid November.  

Dates to remember:

  • December 1- FAFSA can be filed for 2024-25 school year using 2022 tax year (referred to as prior prior year).

  • November 14- Parent Information meeting at 7 pm in the multipurpose room at HN.

  • February 1-March 1- Most colleges set a deadline in this range for when FAFSA must be filed to be eligible for financial aid from the university or college.  A few have moved their deadline up to mid November so the early FAFSA is filled out, the better


  1. Cover Letter: download this first as it contains a summary of all links below. This was given to seniors in a hard copy form.

  2. General info letter Several key pieces of information and an invitation to several opportunities for help and information.

  3. PPT fall parent info night: General information on Financial Aid.

  4. PPT given to counselors: good summary

  5. Financial Aid Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Websites

  6. Scholarship Search Strategies

  7. Financial Aid Consultants and Scholarship Search Services Fact Sheet

  8. Scholarship applications available at Hardin Northern are listed here!

  9. College Cost Comparison Sheet

  10. FAFSA deadlines for Ohio colleges links you to the online filing system for FAFSA.  Remember, you can’t file until after October 1, 2022.


The Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators web site is full of good information, and so is the Federal Government’s financial aid website,


You can find great tutorials on YouTube on how to fill out the FAFSA!


College Credit Plus

Ohio has revamped the PSEO and Dual Credit system and is now calling it CCP. Little has changed from a student/parent perspective. To save confusion, Hardin Northern will still refer to the courses being offered here at HN as Dual credit. Hardin Northern has 7 high school teachers that are adjunct professors for a local university and teaching courses here at Hardin Northern that are for high school AND college credit. These courses are:

To take these courses, a student must register for the Hardin Northern course (must meet the prerequisites for the course). There is no cost to the student/parent unless the student fails the course. Student must meet the University’s enrollment criteria.

Students interested in pursuing a degree in technology would be best served by taking Written communications (8 semester hours), and the three STEM courses (18 semester hours) for a total of 26 semester hours toward a degree in technology.

Students interested in pursuing a college degree would be best served by taking Written Communications (8 semester hours), Lit Appreciation (3 semester hours), Calculus (4 semester hours), Government (3 semester hours), Spanish IV (3 semester hours), 2 American History Courses (6 semester hours), and at least one Technology course (3 semester hours) for a total of 30 semester hours toward a degree (transfer).

In addition, as always, students can go TO the college campus and take courses there (large variety of possibilities). This was called Post Secondary Option in the past but is now called CCP. To participate in CCP, students/parents must fill out paperwork by March 30 and submit to Hardin Northern for approval. Once approved, students must then apply to the university of their choice for admittance. See Mr. Wilson for more details.

Click here for a letter from the state describing CCP and resources at your disposal.

Click here for CCP registration forms for 2023-24

Click here for CCP flyer 2023-24


Scheduling for 2023-2024

testing sched

Testing Schedule & Information


The next opportunity to take End Of Course Exams is in January of 2024


NOTE: All 11th graders will take the ACT test on February 27 at no cost to the student.  This is a state mandate and could provide an alternative route to graduation.


Note: For a list of colleges that require or recommend the Optional Writing Component of the ACT, go to

Proj base learn

Project Based Learning

How can we demonstrate our preparedness for careers after high school to the community? Students presented their portfolios of work products and shared with guests how they are preparing for the real world.

How can we demonstrate the time and effort we put into planning, preparing, and demonstrating pioneer games during Living History Day? Students researched and prepared games from pioneer times for our elementary students during HN’s Living History Day in the fall.  On PBL Night, they shared a slideshow of their project with the community.

How can we use exponential equations to model population data to explore how population changes can affect the world? Students worked in pairs to research the population trends of an assigned country and used the data to create an exponential equation to model the population. They shared their research concerning how population growth affects a country.

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