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Music Program

HN's Beauty and the Beast Musical


Congratulations to Caleb Emerine on winning the Hardin County Players TAB Award for Outstanding Male Supporting Actor. HN's Beauty and the Beast also won the TAB Award for Creative Costuming. The TAB Awards Ceremony was held Tuesday, May 16th at USV.


FCCLA Ohio website National website


We are the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.

We face the future with warm courage and high hope.

For we have the clear consciouness of seeking old and precious values.

For we are the builders of homes,

Homes for America’s future,

Homes where living will be the expression of everything that is good and fair,

Homes where truth and love and security and faith will be realities, not dreams.

We are the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.

We face the future with warm courage and high hope.



To promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner, and community leader, members develop skills for life throught:

  • Character Development

  • Creative and Critical Thinking

  • Interpersonal Communications

  • Practical Knowledge

  • Career Preparation



Hardin Northern FFA Chapter Website  




Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl is an academic quest for knowledge.  Quiz Bowl tests the knowledge of participants while planting and proposing new questions and concepts.  Teams have weekly practices which consists of reviewing previously used questions in the attempt to be prepared for future meets.  Meets are held rather irregularly, usually once a month.  At a quiz bowl meet, participants form a team of four each person having a pencil and paper for computations and a buzzer.   The team is encouraged to work together to reach a conclusion as fast as possible. At the meets, each school is asked 50 questions with a half-time break to switch out team members.  There is no way to study for the meets as the questions are obtained from every conceivable topic, from astronomy to zoology. However, participants enjoy the challenge and a positive learning experience is achieved.

school paper

School Paper

We work on the yearbook for the high school and the newspaper. Each month we release a paper for all of the students and staff to read. Each one of the staff members submits four articles that include two news stories, a miscellaneous article, and a feature. After reading all of them, Mrs. Uitto selects the ones that she thinks would fit well in the paper.

The purpose of the Paw Print is to inform the people of Hardin Northern what is going on in their school and their surroundings. We try to make it as interesting and exciting as possible for all of our readers. We hope you enjoy!

Watch all episodes of "Inside the Igloo"

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History Brigade

Due to restrictions related to Covid this year’s Veteran’s Day Ceremony is virtual. We would like to invite the community to watch this celebration video of our Veterans. The Student Council Members along with Mr Foster and the History Brigade have put together a video honoring our Military Veterans. This also includes a special musical performance by our 4th grade classes. We hope you enjoy and thank you for all who have served our country!

Living Memory is a project sponsored by the Hardin Northern History Brigade. We want to honor those who have served our nation. Our goal is to help preserve the stories and memories of our local veterans for future generations. To show our thanks and honor your memory, we would like to invite our local veterans to schedule an appointment to visit the school and sit for a short interview while we capture your story on video for display on the school website. Feel free to bring any pictures you would like to share.

If you are interested in having your story preserved in Living Memory, please contact the History Brigade by calling or emailing Joe Foster at or by visiting the school web page for the Living Memory Project.

Reenactors from different time periods came to Hardin Northern today to introduce elementary students to history. “We’re giving the students a taste of what early history was like”, said Mr. Foster HN HS history teacher, who organized the event. Stations were setup throughout the campus such as artillery, infantry, fur trade, WWI, WWII, and even the FCCLA was there demonstrating how to cook 1800’s style.

Living Memory

Meet Jim Rainsburg, Vietnam War veteran and grandfather to Hardin Northern's Shaylee Crabtree. Jim was a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam War and talks about his experience growing up in Hardin County, serving his nation during a time of war, and building a life surrounded by loving family while finding time to support his fellow veterans. He is the first to share his life and experiences withthe History Brigade through our new program called the Living Memory project.

Meet Mike Sites. Mike is a Vietnam veteran and longtime resident of the Hardin Northern community. Mike served in the U.S. Air Force, 606th Special Operations Squadron during the Vietnam War from 1990-1973. Mike is active in the VFW and can often be seen around the school supporting our students and our community in many
different ways.

Meet Mike Britton. Mike is a longtime resident of Hardin County who served four years in the U.S. Marine Corps and another sixteen years in the National Guard. From 1968-1969 Mike served in the Helicopter Marine Heavy Squadron (HMH 463) centered near Da Nang in Vietnam. Thank you for your service!

Meet Larry Grappy. Larry was drafted into the U.S. Army just 12 days after he was married. He went through AIT and NCO training in places like Fort Jackson and Fort Gordon before being deployed to Vietnam where he served in Recon Battalion and took part in the invasion of Cambodia. Larry is the father of Josh Grappy and the grandfather of Polar Bears Maddie and Preston. This is the latest in the History Brigade’s Living Memory project – our tribute to our local veterans. Thank you for your service.

Meet Ron Black. Ron is a graduate of Roundhead High School and resident of the Kenton area who was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1966. He served two years including one year of service with the 1st Air Cavalry Division in Vietnam. SP/5 Black participated in over 400 combat missions as the crew chief and door gunner with Assault Helicopter Battalion 227. Thank you for your service!

Meet Marc Paugh, a 1989 Hardin Northern graduate who served in both the Army and Navy in Somalia, Iraq, and many other places. He is uncle of Hardin Northern's Haylie and Cody Spearman. Marc talks about his experience growing up in Hardin County, serving his nation for parts of three decades in both peace and war. Marc’s message is truly a story of GRIT and becoming all you can be. He is the second to share his life and experiences with the History Brigade through our new program called the Living Memory project.

Meet Ed Newton. Ed is a 1993 graduate of Hardin Northern and a 25-year veteran of the U.S. Army Reserves. In addition to many other deployments, Ed served two tours in Iraq. He is the father of current HN students Renee,Wesley, & Riley. Thank you for your service!

Meet Bob Douglas. Bob is a 1947 graduate of Dunkirk High School and a veteran of the Korean War where he served at the 8th Army Headquarters. Bob is the father, grandfather, and great-grandfather of several Polar Bear students over his 90 years in the area. Thank you for your service!

Meet Dick Pees. Dick is a Vietnam veteran and longtime resident of the Hardin Northern community. Dick served in the U.S. Navy from 1966-1070 during the Vietnam War. Dick served aboard the helicopter carrier USS Tripoli, commanded the swift boat PCF-3
patrolling the coasts and rivers of Mekong Delta, and then worked at the swift boat training facility in California. Thank you for your service!

Meet Jessica Osborn.

Coming from a family with a long military tradition, Jessica knew she wanted to serve in the military at an early age and was a member of the Civil Air Patrol at Kenton High School. Sergeant Osborn served in the United States Air Force from 1976-1981 and was one of the first female jet engine mechanics. She is a Cold War veteran and worked on both the F-4 and F-15 fighters.

Thank you for your service!

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